Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A heartbreaking picture (with caption).


And how credible is Michael Schiavo's claims about Terri's wishes, when he has taken up with another woman and refuses to file a divorce with Terri and let her parents take care of her?

People should at least be aware that the firestorm on this particular issue is not because people want the government to intrude in every case, but simply that Michael Schiavo does not appear to have Terri's wishes at heart, and that additional evidence should be carefully weighed before giving him ultimate say, and that it wouldn't hurt to let Terri live until the evidence for and against Michael Schiavo's credibility and Terri's physical state can be weighed. Terri is not in a coma, and if you've seen the videos of Terri, you cannot say that she is in a coma or totally unresponsive. Bear in mind that Michael Schiavo says that Terri hasn't been responsive ever since her present medical condition started.

I don't mind having a debate over the issue—it is fairly complex and there's a lot to be carefully considered—but not being forthright and truthful with the basic facts only reveals an agenda to not worry about what the right and ethical and legal thing to do is.

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