Thursday, January 05, 2006

Man soars through the air with balloons, lawnchair, and a pellet gun.

I've heard of this story for years, but just now looked it up. It brings me a great deal of satisfaction to learn that it's true.
Digital Television
"To avoid a consumer revolt, Congress has set aside about $1.5 billion to smooth the transition. Owners of outmoded TV sets will be eligible for two vouchers, worth $40 each, to help buy converter boxes that will enable today's analog TV sets to receive digital signals."

I think it's bad stewardship of federal funds that the government is going to consider paying everyone so they can still get television. In addition to this upcoming television switch, I currently have some old 78 records that I can't play. How much do I get for that problem? There's also my standing collection of VHS tapes, and my laptop still runs Windows 95. Is there a list of available vouchers somewhere?

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